The concept of Imagine Yacht Charter

We have all dreamt of living this moment all alone in the world in a heavenly place. However, we are not all ready to live like Robinson Crusoe did.


Imagine Yacht Charter offers you an Oceanian escape on your own 14-meter catamaran combining Speed , Comfort and Stability .


By sailing twice as fast as a sailboat (16 knots on average), you will reach deserted destinations where only you will have access. The floating apartment with 4 double cabins and 2 central squares will make you live this magical moment with your family, friends or colleagues.


The Catamarine company designed this yacht with power-foils to provide a navigation stability as on air cushion regardless of the wind conditions. Thanks to a shallow draft, you will drop the anchor in only 2 meters of transparent water.

You just have to choose the duration, the destination and your activities to enjoy paradisiacal panoramas!

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